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Strada vecchia
Strada vecchia - Henrique Stel
Congelati nel tempo
Congelati nel tempo - Simone Forgia
Towards the Sun
Towards the Sun - mirsavio
Ramblas - mirsavio
Untitled - Dominic Bugatto
Grimms Wald
Grimms Wald - Kai Art
Branches - frbe
Reed - frbe
Thunderstorm - JS-photographie
Handaki Yaşamlar
Handaki Yaşamlar - Emir Gevrek

I recently visited B&H store in New York City to try cameras I am interested, I was able to take few images samples, which I'd like to share here. Since everything else(colors, gamma, saturation) can be edited in post, I think the most interesting none scientific test is the image details(resolution) after processing(resizing) original images for web posting and sharing. It is a simple, since the original image is huge, it has to be resized and prepare, keeping best possible details at the smallest size. So I took some samples with FUJIFILM X-T10
Samsung NX500
and compared image quality to my 5 y.ears old Panasonic DMC-GX1 camera equipped with new 30mm F2.8 lenses
Here are results! All cameras were set to iAUTO. Original images were taken at the same place and resized to HD quality.
#digialcameras #photography #imageresolution #imagequality  

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I recently visited B&H store in New York City to try cameras I am interested, I was able to take few...
Czech Republic
Czech Republic - Ioana Tripa
Поля - Vladimir
Colored fishermen
Colored fishermen - Tonypet Montemayor
( LetMeTakeASelfie )
( LetMeTakeASelfie ) - Zsolt Seres
( LetTheSunshineIn...)
( LetTheSunshineIn...) - Zsolt Seres
Shipping dock in black and white
Shipping dock in black and white - Tonypet Montemayor
Missed opportunity
Missed opportunity - Roland Bogush
Dam - graufuchs
Downtown Gas Station
Downtown Gas Station - graufuchs