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In the world of mirrorless cameras, FujiFilm is among the elite. Their cameras have that vintage look and feel along with the performance that shooters require in a professional realm. So, when they announced the new FujiFilm X-T2, a lot of people took notice. It has the latest in sensor and processing tech and boasts a new autofocus system that claims to keep up with high-end DSLR cameras. But just how well does it perform in the real world?

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Fstoppers Reviews the FujiFilm X-T2 Mirrorless Camera | Fstoppers
The riveter
The riveter - Felipe Garcia
The rivet bucker
The rivet bucker - Felipe Garcia
Rainy Day II
Rainy Day II - Angel Rodriguez
The Glory of Autumn
The Glory of Autumn - SGPhotography77
Rainy Day I
Rainy Day I - Angel Rodriguez
Dance - Glazunov Andrey
Fall in Motion
Fall in Motion - Pat Morgan (墨沛德)
Floral Street
Floral Street - Andy Kirby
YEAH BOY!!! TTL X-T2 SPEEDLIGHT High-Quality & Powerful.. talk tonight
YEAH BOY!!! TTL X-T2 SPEEDLIGHT High-Quality & Powerful.. talk tonight - Theoria Apophasis
Neist point
Neist point - Stuart Fergus
Somebody in the nest
Somebody in the nest - Nightgoose
Giudei San Fratello Messina Sicilia
Giudei San Fratello Messina Sicilia - danieletranchita
Capture Happiness
Capture Happiness - Cory Ivins
Man portrait
Man portrait - Massimiliano Mancini
Untitled - Shawn Colborn
McIntosh Humanities Building @ CSULB
McIntosh Humanities Building @ CSULB - Peter Samarin
Chasing fog
Chasing fog - Ondřej Kudláč
magical - Matthias Gaberthüel
187 - Kees vdS